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My Russia : war or peace?

Shishkin, Mikhail2023
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Mikhail Shishkin argues that Russia is not a 'riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma': we just don't know enough about it. So what is the real story behind Putin's autocratic regime and its invasion of Ukraine? Shishkin traces the roots of Russia's problems, from the 'Kievan Rus' via the Grand Duchy of Moscow, empire, revolution and Cold War, to the now thirty-year-old Russian Federation. He explores the uneasy relationship between state and citizens, explains Russian attitudes to people's rights and democracy, and proposes that there are really two Russian peoples: the disillusioned and disaffected, who suffer from 'slave mentality', and those who embrace 'European' values and try to stand up to oppression. 'My Russia' is a passionate, eye-opening account of a state entangled in a complex and bloody past, as well as a love letter to a conflicted country.
Main title:
My Russia : war or peace? / Mikhail Shishkin ; translated by Gesche Ipsen.
Shishkin, Mikhail, authorIpsen, Gesche, translator
London : riverrun, 2023.
224 pages ; 23 cm
Translated from the Russian.
9781529427783 (hbk)
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