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Мій чудовий червоний капелюшок [electronic resource]

Taylor, Nahrain2021
Слідкуйте за Крістіною, коли у неї чудовий день у її прохолодному червоному капелюсі. Від гри в приміщенні до активного відпочинку і, нарешті, лягайте спати. Цілий день з Крістіною та її Cool Red Hat. Усі слова написані білими вирізами, що робить їх веселими та легкими для читання. Чудово підходить для перших читачів.
[Place of publication not identified] : N Taylor, 2021
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Highly passionate and family-driven, Nahrain Taylor is a renowned published author who aims to both empower and educate young minds with her ever-growing collection of children's books. With the inspiration of her two daughters, Nahrain has created an array of publications and enjoys delivering authentic storylines that support developmental growth and surfaces new perspectives that unlock full potential. <p/> Born in Iraq and later immigrating to Australia in 2002 as a refugee, Nahrain learned early on the core meaning behind resilience, family bonds, and the importance of education to pave the way for an opportune future. With this as her foundation and her zeal for wordsmithing, Nahrain later started her own family and began writing children-favored stories for her daughters. After seeing how transformational her stories were for them, it quickly sparked Nahrain to begin sharing her creations with the rest of the world, all with the rooted mission to instill meaningful impressions in other homes as it did in hers. <p/> As a committed author driven by passion, nothing makes Nahrain happier than being able to mindfully design and deliver captivating publications/short stories that provoke positive impacts for little ones. Overall, she has a genuine love for what she does and demonstrates that through her enriching books that feature unique plots and relatable characters - all of which truly pull young eyes in from cover to cover. &#13
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