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The last hours in Paris

Druart, Ruth2022
Paris 1944. Élise Chevalier knows what it is to love - and to hate. Her fiancé, a young French soldier, was killed by the German army at the Maginot Line. Living amongst the enemy Élise must keep her rage buried deep within. Sébastian Kleinhaus no longer recognises himself. After four years spent fighting a war he doesn't believe in, wearing a uniform he despises, he longs for a way out. For something, someone, to be his salvation. Brittany 1963. Reaching for the suitcase under her mother's bed, 18-year-old Joséphine Chevalier uncovers a secret that shakes her to the core. Determined to find the truth, she travels to Paris where she discovers the story of a dangerous love that grew as a city fought for its freedom. Of the last stolen hours before the first light of liberation. And of a betrayal so deep that it would irrevocably change the course of two young lives life for ever.
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