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A mother's love

Styles, Daisy2022
Lake District, 1942, and spring is in the air for the women at Mary Vale Mother & Baby Home. Beautiful Stella, the head-turning cook of a munitions factory, has been swept off her feet by a handsome GI. He proposes when she falls pregnant, but soon after he is moved to a new base his letters stop arriving. Then there is Lillian, who is deeply unimpressed when she is conscripted as a Land Girl miles from her home. But she soon learns to love the rugged landscape, camaraderie and hard work. When her growing friendship with the married vet with a tragic past turns into something more, Lillian faces the ultimate sacrifice. Meanwhile, midwife Ada is getting used to being back to work after the birth of her own beautiful baby girl. She has a new colleague, Renee, to get used to, and the women face the biggest challenge of their lives when the home is engulfed in an outbreak of Whooping Cough.
Main title:
A mother's love / Daisy Styles.
UK : Penguin Books, 2022.
398 pages ; 20 cm.
9781405950435 (pbk)
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