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1794 : the city between the bridges

Natt och Dag, Niklas, 1979-2022
The year is 1794. A young nobleman, Eric Three Roses, languishes in hospital. Some think he would be just at home in the madhouse across the road. Ridden with guilt, he spends his nights writing down memories of his lost love who died on their wedding night. Her mother also mourns her and when no one listens to her suspicions, she begs the aid of the only person who will listen: Jean Mickel Cardell, the one-armed watchman. Cecil Winge is six months in the ground but when his younger brother Emil seeks out the watchman to retrieve his brother's pocket watch, Cardell enlists his help to discover when really happened at the Three Roses' estate that night. But, unlike his dead brother, the younger Winge is an enigma, and Cardell soon realises that he may be more hindrance than help.
Main title:
1794 : the city between the bridges / Niklas Natt och Dag ; translated by Ebba Segerberg.
London : Baskerville, 2022.
ix, 466 pages ; 24 cm
Translated from the Swedish.
9781529304626 (hbk)
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