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The handover

Barnett, David, 1970 January 11-2021
Daisy is a night security guard. She takes her job very seriously, protecting the museum from troublemakers and anyone who openly mocks the fact they have a dinosaur on display. Nate works the day shift, though he'd be more suited as a museum guide the way he chats with the visitors. Daisy doesn't approve: every one of them is a potential threat and befriending them could impair his judgement. Daisy and Nate don't have much to do with each other except for the five minutes when they're shifts overlap at handover. He passes the torch over to her - like a baton - always with a smirk on his face, and she asks him for a full report of the day. It's the only interaction they have - until strange things begin to happen at the museum. No one believes her except Nate, and he agrees to help her solve the mystery. They soon discover they have a lot more in common than they realised.
Main title:
The handover / David M. Barnett.
London : Orion, 2021.
295 pages ; 20 cm
Originally published: London: Trapeze.
9781409185246 (pbk)
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