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Up in smoke : stories from a life on fire

Hosy-Pickett, Leigh2022
Leigh Hosy-Pickett has seen it all. He's battled blazing fires and pulled people from the wreckage of terrible accidents but the closest he ever came to death was the time an Essex hen do mistook him for the stripper. Now he's here to tell us the funniest, saddest most exciting stories from a life amongst the smoke. From fires started by sex toys, to what to do when you find yourself in the middle of an enormous fire at a cannabis farm and, yes, there will be cats up trees. Above everything else, Leigh wants us to understand what it's like when every day when you leave for work you know you might not be coming home. As a third-generation firefighter he's proud to do his duty, but he's experienced the mental and emotional toll that the job can take and he wants us to celebrate our fire service as we do other public services. Because when you need them you'll be really glad when that flashing blue light appears.
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