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The Dover cafe on the front line

Bell, Ginny2021
Dover, 1940. As the Battle of Britain rages, the Castle family are standing their ground at the heart of the community, running Castle's Café. German guns shell Dover and danger lurks around every corner, but despite this, Lily Castle is excited to be starting her nursing career at last. Lily is enjoying her life. She's a good nurse, has a group of friends at the hospital and there is romance on the horizon. That is until her world comes crashing down around her. When she tries to help an injured prisoner of war at the hospital she ends up implicated in a crime. With her career, relationships and reputation at stake, Lily must fight to clear her name - before it's too late. Meanwhile, there are strange goings on at the café. Rumours are circulating and secrets that won't stay hidden for long. Secrets that could tear the Castle family apart - once and for all.
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