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Within the walls

Aird, Geoff2021
Kevin Devine is found dead on the beach. Tied to a stake, beaten and left to drown as the tide came in, even the police are shocked at the savagery of the crime. Goagsie Mackay, the rookie detective working the case, has little evidence and few leads. Elijah Bootle, a traumatised, burnt-out criminal Met Police profiler arrives in the town seeking refuge from his demons. The murder of a child in London has put him over the edge. He is in Berwick for rest and repair. Jez Guinness, a school teacher from Edinburgh has returned to Berwick for the funeral of his life-long friend. A chance meeting with Elijah in the chip shop leads to friendship and a growing interest with the crime. Behind the faȧde of sedate tranquillity of this holiday town lies a dark underbelly. Amongst the narrow lanes and cobbled streets, Elijah, Jez and Goagsie learn there are dark secrets and dangerous men.
Main title:
Within the walls / Geoff Aird.
Aird, Geoff, author
Kibworth Beauchamp : Matador, 2021.
352 pages ; 20 cm
9781800461307 (pbk)
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