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Little Alf

Russell, Hannah2017
In December 2012, something happened that would turn Hannah Russell's world upside down, and give her a new focus. A promising young rider with two horses of her own, Hannah recently had been given the devastating news that she would never ride again. That morning in December, local Shetland pony...
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The dreamsnatcher

Elphinstone, Abi2015
12-year-old Molly Pecksniff wakes one night in the middle of the forest, lured there by a recurring nightmare - the one with the drums and the rattles and the masks. The Dreamsnatcher is waiting. He has already taken her dreams and now he wants her life. Because Moll is more important than she kn...
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The swallow and the hummingbird

Montefiore, Santa, 1970-2017
When George Bolton returns home to Devon at the end of the war, Rita assumes that her childhood sweetheart will marry her and that their future will be a continuation of their past. But the boy who joined the RAF has come back a man, and a man irrevocably changed by the horrors that he has seen.
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Fire boy

Joseph, J. M.2020
When 11-year-old Aidan receives a mysterious package of sweets from South America in the post, he and his two best friends Sadie and Hussein eat one sweet each - and suddenly develop amazing superpowers. Sadie can move objects with her mind. Hussein can control any electronic device. And Aidan ca...
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List view record 5: The meltdownList view anchor tag for record 5: The meltdown
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The meltdown

Kinney, Jeff2020
When snow shuts down Greg Heffley's middle school, his neighbourhood transforms into a wintry battlefield. Rival groups fight over territory, build massive snow forts, and stage epic snowball fights. And in the crosshairs are Greg and his trusty best friend, Rowley Jefferson. It's a fight for sur...
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Big Nate blasts off!

Peirce, Lincoln2016
With more detentions than he can count, Nate is in DEEP in 'Big Nate Blasts Off!'. When he submits a mocking cartoon of Randy Betancourt - winner of P.S. 38's 'most likely to mop the floor with someone else's face' award - to the school paper, tensions between the two are on the rise. After Randy...
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