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The slave across the street

Flores, Theresa L.2013
Theresa was just 15 when her life collapsed. Raised as an Irish Catholic in a middle-class family, Theresa was under strict instructions to not get involved with boys. One day the boy she had a crush offered to drive her home from school. And despite the red flags that went off in her head, Theresa said yes. What happened next changed everything. The boy was part of a large criminal sex ring that went on to traffic Theresa out of her own house for two long years, unbeknown to her parents. Theresa would go to school alongside these boys in the day, and be called in to service at night. Heart-rending, shocking and totally gripping 'The Slave Across the Street' is the incredible story of how the girl next door was lured into the sinister world of sexual slavery - and how she eventually escaped and rebuilt her life.
Main title:
The slave across the street / Theresa Flores.
London : Arrow Books, 2013.
xxi, 325 pages ; 20 cm
Includes bibliographical references.
9780099588139 (pbk)9781448184194 (ePub ebook)0099588137
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