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Thumbnail for Themes for great cities : a new history of Simple Minds

Themes for great cities : a new history of Simple Minds

Thomson, Graeme (Writer on music)2023
Books, Manuscripts
Simple Minds formed in Glasgow in 1977. They have sold in the region of 60m records and are recognised globally. For a group of their stature, success and longevity, the lack of an in-depth, critically authoritative biography is an anomaly. Simple Minds began as a post-punk band, transitioned into restless art-rock and electro pioneers, became a stadium rock behemoth - and travelled on, always searching. Much of the drama of their story and their music lies in those transformations and their triumphs, conflicts and contradictions. From its title, approach and overall aesthetic to the granular detail of its contents, 'Themes For Great Cities' will be weighted in favour of the period when the most significant of these transformations occurred, the era between 1977 and 1989.
London : Constable, 2023.
368 pages : illustrations (colour) ; 20 cm
9781472134011 (pbk)
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