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Storm tide

Smith, Wilbur, 1933-2022
1774. Rob Courtney has spent his whole life in a quiet trading outpost on the east coast of Africa, dreaming of a life of adventure at sea. When his grandfather Jim Courtney dies, and Captain Cornish calls into the fort, Rob takes his chance and stows away on Marston's ship as it sails to England. Arriving in London, Rob is seduced by the charms of the big city and soon finds himself desperate and penniless. That is until the navy comes calling. Rob enlists and is sent across the Atlantic on a ship to join the war against the rebellious American colonists. But on the other side of the Atlantic, unbeknownst to Rob, his distant cousins Cal and Aidan Courtney are leading a campaign against the British in a quest for American Independence. When Aidan is killed in a battle with British troops, Cal vows he won't rest until he has avenged his brother's death, by driving the British out of America.
Main title:
Storm tide / Wilbur Smith with Tom Harper.
London : Zaffre, 2022.
457 pages : illustration (black and white) ; 20 cm.
Series title:
9781838775605 (pbk)
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