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The Marshall Murders [electronic resource]

Brookes, Calle J.2021
Ten years—the Marshall brothers have waited ten years for answers to find out just who had brutally murdered their parents, and two younger siblings, Sara and Slade. NOW IS THEIR CHANCE TO CATCH THE KILLERS... In book one, oldest brother Elliot Marshall returns to Finley Creek to assume the same position his father had once held: Chief of the Finley Creek State Police. But he finds more than just a promotion waiting for him there... As a teenager, Gabby Kendall witnessed the execution of her best friend Sara's family. Now the killers are back—and coming for her. Only her best friend's older brother, Elliot—Gabby's new boss at the Finley Creek Texas State Police post—can protect her now. Elliot takes one look at the woman who had once been his little sister's closest friend and falls hard. Gabby had certainly grown up. Now he owes it to his sister's memory to keep Gabby safe from the killers who have never forgotten the only witness to their crime. The only way to do that is to keep Gabby as close to him as he possibly can. But is that going to be enough? In book two, Chance Marshall finds the woman who had once been his parents' goddaughter in more trouble than she even realized. Chance knows he has to protect this woman—his parents once loved her a great deal. He owes it to them to keep her safe now... Former Texas Ranger Chance Marshall has spent ten years hunting the men who had killed his family. Now he has fresh evidence—from his parents' former goddaughter, that massive irritant Brynna Beck. Brynna promises him she'll give him the answers—if he promises to drive her home to Finley Creek to help her best friend Gabby. But it isn't Gabby the killers are after now. Someone doesn't want the evidence Brynna found coming out. They're desperate to keep her silent. Now if Chance wants to find the men who killed his family, he has to keep the woman who makes him burn safe—while more than one storm rages around them. In the conclusion to the Marshall Murders trilogy, former TSP detective Melody Beck reunites with the man she couldn't forget, the man whose father is accused of a brutal quadruple homicide. The man who has the power to keep the family Melody loves so much safe as the final killer gets closer and closer...The man who abducts her and changes her world forever. Everyone says his father is a murderer. Billionaire Houghton Barratt knows that's a lie. Houghton has no choice but to fix this. Somehow. Then he sees her. Melody Beck—the woman he had never forgotten. The woman accusing his father of murder. Houghton needs Melody's help and he is taking her—whether she wants to go with him or not. Neither Melody nor Houghton have forgotten that one night they spent together months ago, but the fire that burned between them then is not enough to erase the sins of his father now. Or redeem Houghton for what he has done to her. But there is still a vicious killer out there, with secrets he's desperate to keep. A killer focused on Houghton's new bride—and the sisters Melody will do anything to protect...
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[Place of publication not identified] : Calle J. Brookes, 2021
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