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Black Rood : the lost crown jewel of Scotland

Willem, David2022
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'Black Rood' tells the story of one of Scotland's oldest & most significant crown jewels. Once as famous as the Stone of Scone, the Black Rood was a gold & jewel-studded reliquary for a piece of the True Cross. This profound & holy treasure was smuggled into Scotland after the Norman invasion by the sister of the last Anglo-Saxon king of England. On her marriage to King Malcolm III, the Black Rood passed into the Scottish royal family, & so became a symbol of the authority & legitimacy of Scotland's kingship. Giving its name to the abbey & then the palace & now the parliament of Holyrood, the Black Rood was to help define Scotland as a kingdom which was at least the equal of England in the eyes of God, & in some ways superior to it. David Willem tells the story of the Black Rood though the lives of the kings & queens of Scotland & England who honoured it, treasured it, & who sometimes died clutching it.
Dunbeath : Whittles Publishing, 2022.
144 pages : illustrations (black and white) ; 24 cm
9781849955317 (pbk)
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