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The witches' blade

Mulford, A. K.2022
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Eighteen-year-old Ruadora Dammacus now possesses the Immortal Blade, a powerful artefact that might be enough to overthrow the cruel oppression threatening the land. Yet when Rua discovers the Northern Court King's uncle is not only alive but has cast a spell on the blue-witch army, she realises that the battle is just beginning. Venturing into the Northern Court, Rua finds herself working closely with the young Northern King. Her problems are mounting, and the handsome - and perhaps evil - king is only one of them. With the eyes of her new-found family on her, can Rua prove herself worthy of the Immortal Blade and break the curse over the blue witches, or will its magic be too difficult to control?
Main title:
The witches' blade / A.K. Mulford.
London : Harper Voyager, 2022.
448 pages ; 21 cm.
Series title:
9780008582685 (hbk)9780008582661 (ePub ebook)
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