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Death to the emperor

Scarrow, Simon2022
AD 60. Macro and Cato - two battle-scarred heroes of the Roman army - face tribal uprisings and battles to the death with unmatched courage in barbaric Britannia. The hard-won province of Britannia is a thorn in the side of the Roman Empire, its tribes swift to anger, and relentless in their bloody harassment of the Roman military. Far from being a peaceful northern enclave, Britannia is a seething mass of bitter rebels and unlikely alliances against the common enemy. Corruption amongst greedy officials diverts resources from the locals who need them. For the military, it's a never-ending fight to maintain a fragile peace. Now it's time to quell the most dangerous enemy tribes. Two of Rome's finest commanders - Prefect Cato and Centurion Macro - are charged with a mission as deadly as any they have faced in their long careers. Can they win the day, or could this be the last battle?
Main title:
Death to the emperor / Simon Scarrow.
London : Headline, 2022.
484 pages : illustration (black and white), maps (black and white) ; 24 cm.
Series title:
The eagles of the Empire ; 21
9781472287120 (hbk)
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