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Imprisoning Mary Queen of Scots

Mayhew, Mickey2022
Books, Manuscripts
This work examines the lives and careers of the men and women who 'kept' Mary Queen of Scots when she was a political prisoner in England. Mary's troubled claim to the English throne - much to the consternation of her 'dear cousin' Elizabeth I - made her a mortal enemy of the Virgin Queen and set them on a collision course from which only one would walk away. Mary's calamitous personal life, encompassing assassinations, kidnaps and abdications, sent her careering into England and right into the lap of Henry VIII's shrewd but insecure daughter. Having no choice but keep Mary prisoner, Elizabeth trusted this onerous task to some of the most capable men and women in England; Sir Francis Knollys, Rafe Sadler, the Earl of Shrewsbury and his wife, and finally, Sir Amyas Paulet. Until now, these nobles have been mere bit-players in Mary's story; now, their own lives, loves and fortunes are laid bare for all to see.
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