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Spider-man museum : the story of a comic book icon

Hartley, Ned2022
Books, Manuscripts
When Stan Lee and Steve Ditko debuted Spider-Man in 'Amazing Fantasy', would they have ever predicted what would happen next? Spider-Man would go on to become the most popular super hero in history! Discover the origins and inception of New York's favourite web-slinging, crime-fighting, skyscraper-swinging super hero, in this gorgeous coffee table book. Not only will readers experience a real-time exhibition of the life of Spidey, but they will uncover his story, his iterations, the storylines that shook comics-lore and discover the creators who brought the web-head to life! This amazingly curated collection includes rarely seen artwork from the Marvel archives and will chronicle the enormous Spider-Verse and history of the legendary Spider-Man and his most famous foes.
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