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Keep them close

Flynn, Sophie2022
Emily loves her four-year-old twin daughters. Like any frazzled mum, she spends her time wiping up spills, cooking their favourite meals and putting plasters on scraped knees, trying her best to be the perfect mum as well as keep her sanity. Internet forum MumsOnline proves to be a lifeline in her darkest days, an anonymous place where she can voice the problems that she would never say in real life. She finds a connection with fellow mum-of-twins, TwoIsTrouble, and soon, the internet friends are chatting daily. But when Emily tries to pull back, realising she has shared too much about the darkness in her past, she finds herself being stalked. As Emily's history is exposed, it's clear that someone is using her secrets against her - and they will threaten everything Emily loves to destroy her perfect life.
Main title:
Keep them close / Sophie Flynn.
London : Hera, 2022.
361 pages ; 20 cm
9781804360293 (pbk)
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