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The yeoman's tale

Trow, M. J.2022
June, 1381. Embarking on his annual pilgrimage to Canterbury, Geoffrey Chaucer and his fellow travellers are forced to turn back when confronted with a horde of armed and angry peasants, intent on marching to London. Returning to the city to warn the authorities of the approaching danger, the pilgrims hole up at the Tabard Inn and prepare for the coming invasion. That same night, a woman's body is fished out of the River Thames, her throat cut. When he discovers that the victim was the wife of one of his fellow pilgrims, Chaucer determines to investigate. Could the woman's henpecked husband be responsible for her death? A jealous business rival? Or was she murdered by one of the pilgrims? Does a cold-hearted killer lurk within the Tabard? As the army of rebellious peasants approaches, Chaucer finds himself in a race against time to uncover the truth before anarchy descends.
Main title:
The yeoman's tale / M.J. Trow.
Trow, M. J., author
First world edition.
Edinburgh : Severn House, 2022.
220 pages ; 23 cm.
9780727850683 (hbk)9781448307562 (ePub ebook)
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