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The bear's blade

Hodkinson, Tim2022
Although the rightful Jarl of Orkney, Einar is not yet strong enough to overcome his rival, King Eirik. Einar and the Wolf Coats raid the pagan ceremony that will confirm Eirik's power, but due to his injured sword hand, Einar fails to kill Eirik and he and his men must flee. They seek the protection of the King of the English. In exchange for his help, the crew must undertake a perilous mission: sail to Brittany and bring a renowned scholar back to England. But Brittany is besieged by Viking hordes, and the scholar is the prisoner of a legendary Viking warrior known as the Bear. To succeed, Einar must infiltrate the Bear's stronghold. But is a man who cannot wield a sword capable of being a true Viking warrior? With his whole future at stake, can Einar prove his worth - and make it back alive?
Main title:
The bear's blade / Tim Hodkinson.
Rearsby : Clipper Audiobooks, 2022.
11 CDs (810 min.) : digital, stereo.
Series title:
9781004078936 (CDs)
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