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Thumbnail for Powers and thrones [digital audio book] : a new history of the Middle Ages

Powers and thrones [digital audio book] : a new history of the Middle Ages

Jones, Dan, 1981-2022
Dan Jones's epic history tells nothing less than the story of how the world we know today came to be built. It is a thousand-year adventure that moves from the ruins of the once-mighty city of Rome, sacked by barbarians in AD 410, to the first contacts between the old and new worlds in the 16th century. It shows how, from a state of crisis and collapse, the West was rebuilt and came to dominate the entire globe. The book identifies three key themes that underpinned the success of the West: commerce, conquest and Christianity. Across 16 chapters, 'Powers and Thrones' shows how, at each stage in this story, successive Western powers thrived by attracting - or stealing - the most valuable resources, ideas and people from the rest of the world.
Unabridged edition.
Rearsby : Clipper Audiobooks, 2022.
1 pre-recorded MP3 player (1530 min.) : digital, MP3 file.
Issued on Playaway, a dedicated audio media player.Requires a set of earphones and an AAA battery for use.
9781801106801 (sound media player)
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