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7 1/2

Tsiolkas, Christos, 1965-2022
A man arrives at a house on the coast to write a book. Separated from his lover and family and friends, he finds the solitude he craves in the pyrotechnic beauty of nature, just as the world he has shut out is experiencing a cataclysmic shift. The preoccupations that have galvanised him and his work fall away and he becomes lost in memory and beauty. He begins to tell us a story. A retired porn star who is made an offer he can't refuse for the sake of his family and future. So he returns to the world he fled years before, all too aware of the danger of opening the door to past temptations and long-buried desires. Can he resist the oblivion and bliss they promise?
Main title:
7 1/2 / Christos Tsiolkas.
London : Atlantic Books, 2022.
304 pages ; 24 cm
9781838955656 (hbk)
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