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Original sins : a memoir

Hill, Matt Rowland, 1984-2022
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Matt Rowland Hill grew up the son of a minister in an evangelical Christian church in south Wales and then south-east England. It was a childhood fraught with bitter family conflict, the ever-present threat of hell and damnation, and a burgeoning cycle of temptation, sin and shame. After a devastating loss of faith in his late teens, Matt began his search for salvation elsewhere, turning to books before developing a growing relationship with alcohol and drugs. He became addicted to crack and heroin in his early twenties, an ordeal that stretched over a decade and culminated in a period of hopeless darkness. This story takes us to his bleakest, most desperate moments and recounts his struggle towards the light.
Main title:
Original sins : a memoir / Matt Rowland Hill.
London : Chatto & Windus, 2022.
299 pages ; 23 cm
Illustrations on lining papers.
9781784743826 (hbk)
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