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The last reunion

Nunn, Kayte2021
Burma, 1945. Bea, Plum, Bubbles, Joy and Lucy: 5 young women in search of adventure, attached to the 14th Army, fighting a forgotten war in the jungle. Assigned to run a mobile canteen, they become embroiled in life-threatening battles of their own. Oxford, 1976. At the height of an impossibly hot English summer, a woman slips into a museum and steals several rare Japanese netsuke, including the famed fox-girl. Despite the offer of a considerable reward, these tiny, exquisitely detailed carvings are never seen again. London and Galway, 1999. On the eve of the new millennium, Olivia, assistant to an art dealer, meets Beatrix, an elderly widow who wishes to sell her late husband's collection of Japanese art. Concealing her own motives, Olivia travels with Beatrix to a New Year's Eve party, deep in the Irish countryside, where friendships will be tested as secrets kept for more than 50 years are spilled.
Main title:
The last reunion / Kayte Nunn.
Nunn, Kayte, author
London : Orion, 2021.
xiv, 367 pages ; 20 cm
Originally published: Sydney: Hachette Australia.
9781398701144 (pbk)
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