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Olde Heuvelt, Thomas, 1983-2022
When climber Nick Grevers is brought down from the mountains after a terrible accident he has lost his looks, his hopes and his climbing companion. His account of what happened on the forbidden peak of the Maudit is garbled, almost hallucinogenic. Soon it becomes apparent more than his shattered body has returned: those that treat his disfigured face begin experiencing extraordinary and disturbing psychic events that suggest that Nick has unleashed some ancient and primal menace on his ill-fated expedition. Nick's partner Sam Avery has a terrible choice to make. He fell in love with Nick's youth, vitality and beauty. Now these are gone and all that is left is a haunted mummy - worse, a glimpse beneath the bandages can literally send a person insane. Sam must decide: either to flee to America, or to take Nick on a journey back to the mountains, the very source of the curse.
Main title:
Echo / Thomas Olde Heuvelt.
London : Hodder & Stoughton, 2022.
384 pages ; 24 cm
Translated from the Dutch.
9781529331776 (hbk)
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