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Love letters from Montmartre

Barreau, Nicolas, 1980-2019
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Julien Azoulay is a French writer of romantic comedies. When his beloved wife Helen dies at the early age of 33, leaving him alone with their son Arthur, he is so devastated that he decides to put an end to his own life. But Helen was clever. She made her husband promise that he would write her 33 letters, one for each year of her life. Six months after the funeral, Julian reluctantly writes his first letter to Helen, and he finds the writing of these letters strangely comforting. Julien places his letters in the secret compartment of a statue he had commissioned for Helen's grave, in Paris' famous Montmartre cemetery. But one day, Julien finds that his letters have vanished. Has the love of his life decided to give him a sign from above? What Julien does not know is that someone is watching him, a well-intentioned person who cannot resist the temptation to draw him back into the world of the living.
Main title:
Love letters from Montmartre / Nicolas Barreau ; translated from the German by Daniela Thiele.
London : Piatkus, 2019.
259 pages ; 24 cm
Translated from the German.
9780349423463 (pbk)
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