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Pretty guilty women

LaManna, Gina2019
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You are cordially invited to the wedding of the year, at the famously luxurious Serenity Spa & Resort on the Californian coast. Ginger is an overworked, under-pampered mother of three who's barely holding the family together when she learns a secret about her daughter that could ruin everything. Lulu is a wealthy retiree with four ex-husbands, and a fifth on the way. Emily harbours a dark secret, which she's become expert at forgetting with the help of a bottle of wine. Kate is a powerhouse lawyer with her life in order - except for one little problem that won't go away. Only twenty-four hours later a man is found murdered. All Detective Ramone knows for certain is that these four women sit calmly across from him, offering four very different confessions, each insisting they acted alone. Why would they confess to the same crime? Only they know the answer - and they're not telling.
Main title:
Pretty guilty women / Gina LaManna.
London : Sphere, 2019.
327 pages ; 24 cm
9780751576696 (pbk)9780751576672 (ePub ebook)
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