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Our child of the stars

Cox, Stephen2019
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Molly and Gene Myers were happy, until tragedy blighted their hopes of children. During the years of darkness and despair, they each put their marriage in jeopardy, but now they are starting to rebuild their fragile bond. This is the year of Woodstock and the moon landings; war is raging in Vietnam and the superpowers are threatening each other with annihilation. Then the Meteor crashes into Amber Grove, devastating the small New England town - and changing their lives for ever. Molly, a nurse, caught up in the thick of the disaster, is given care of a desperately ill patient rescued from the wreckage: a sick boy with a remarkable appearance, an orphan who needs a mother. And soon the whole world will be looking for him. Cory's arrival has changed everything. And the Myers will do anything to keep him safe.
Main title:
Our child of the stars / Stephen Cox.
Cox, Stephen, author
London : Jo Fletcher Books, 2019.
488 pages ; 20 cm
Originally published: 2018.
9781786489968 (pbk)
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