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The life and times of a very British man

Ahmed, Kamal2019
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Kamal Ahmed's childhood was English in every way - except for the fact he was brown. Half English, half Sudanese, he was raised in 1970s London at a time when being mixed-race meant being told to go home, even when you were born just down the road. 'The Life and Times of a Very British Man' is a tale of growing up as one of the first generation of mixed-race British children. Heartfelt, witty and profound, this is a modern state-of-the-nation from a man who adopted the name Neil growing up (it was better than 'camel') and went on to occupy one of the most elite positions in the British establishment. This book is a candid and valuable contribution to the ongoing conversation around race and identity in the UK, told through personal anecdotes, political analysis and a passionate belief in the ultimate good of this country.
Main title:
Ahmed, Kamal, author
Large print edition.
Oxford : Isis, 2019.
326 p. ; 24 cm
Includes bibliographical references and index.
9781785417313 (hbk)
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