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In search of silence

Bell, Poorna2019
In 2015 Poorna Bell became a widow after her husband Rob took his own life on a winter's night, having battled depression and addiction. Her situation was unusual when compared to a lot of people, but she was left figuring out exactly the same things. Will she ever be happy? Will she find love again? Who will rescue her from her sadness? Two years on and Poorna is rebuilding her life. And it is from this place - as she works towards choosing what she does and doesn't want from society, that she will explore a different conversation around fulfillment and self-worth. Cutting across the landscapes in India, New Zealand and Britain, Poorna Bell explores the things endemic in our society such as sadness and loneliness, to unpick why we seek other people to fix what's inside of us.
Main title:
In search of silence / Poorna Bell.
Bell, Poorna, author
London : Simon & Schuster, 2019.
261 pages ; 23 cm
9781471169212 (hbk)
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