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Devastation Road

Hewitt, Jason, 1972-2016
Books, Manuscripts
Spring, 1945. A man wakes in a field in a country he does not know. Injured and confused, he pulls himself to his feet and starts to walk, and so sets out on an extraordinary journey in search of his home, his past and himself. His name is Owen. A war he has only a vague memory of joining is in its dying days, and as he tries to get back to England he becomes caught up in the flood of refugees pouring through Europe. Among them is a teenage boy, Janek, and together they form an unlikely alliance as they cross battle-worn Germany. When they meet a troubled young woman, tempers flare and scars are revealed as Owen gathers up the shattered pieces of his life. No one is as he remembers, not even himself - how can he truly return home when he hardly recalls what home is?
Main title:
Devastation Road / Jason Hewitt.
London : Scribner, 2016.
374 pages ; 20 cm
Originally published: 2015.
9781471127465 (pbk)
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