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Thumbnail for The Swordswoman Collection [electronic resource] : The Complete Historical Fantasy Series

The Swordswoman Collection [electronic resource] : The Complete Historical Fantasy Series

Archibald, Malcolm2022
All five books in Malcolm Archibald's 'The Swordswoman', a series of historical fantasy novels, now in one volume! The Swordswoman: Melcorka is an ordinary young woman from the Isles. But when her homeland of Alba is attacked by the Viking horde, Melcorka abandons her life of luxury and chooses the path of a warrior. With a ragtag band of companions, she heads south to unite the clans and free the land from the Norsemen's scourge, and claim her destiny. The Shining One: Melcorka the Swordswoman is unsettled. She wishes revenge on Egil the Norseman, yet knows that Defender, her magic sword, cannot kill without cause. After receiving a dire warning from the seer Fitheach, Melcorka and Bradan head toward the Western Isles in search of knowledge. Facing many dangers on their path, they forge on toward the Standing Stones of Callanish to face the most fearsome foe of all: The Shining One. Falcon Warrior: Sailing west across the Atlantic, Melcorka the Swordswoman and Bradan the Wanderer encounter a strange woman entombed within an iceberg. On her is a headband decorated with the symbol of a falcon. Heading towards Greenland, Vinland and eventually, the New World, the two face powerful foes. But can they find the ancient pyramid city of Cahokia and learn the mystery of the strange falcon artifact? Melcorka Of Alba: Melcorka and Bradan find themselves in dangerous waters when a storm sends them hundreds of miles off course. After countless days at sea, they find themselves in a strange Eastern land, in the city of Kollchi, surrounded by supernatural forces they have never seen before. With her trusty sword Defender by her side, Melcorka sets to overcome the odds. But in this dangerous land of monsters and demonic power, will it be enough? Loki's Sword: Facing war on two fronts, the High King of Alba orders Melcorka to hunt down and defeat the Butcher - a savage who wields Loki's Sword. Fighting through a variety of increasingly dangerous enemies, she and Bradan make their way towards their formidable, final foe. But is there something more to the Butcher than meets the eye - and what is the secret of Loki's Sword?
[Place of publication not identified] : Next Chapter, 2022
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