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An alphabet for gourmets

Fisher, M. F. K. (Mary Frances Kennedy), 1908-19922022
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Admired by W. H. Auden as one of the greatest American writers, M.F.K. Fisher never focuses on just the food set before her. Instead, with unfailingly elegant prose, an eye for evocative detail and a knack for sharpedged wit, she draws us in to the whole experience: from the company to the setting, from the preparation to the scraped-clean plate. She liberates her readers from caution, sweeps away adherence to culinary tradition, and celebrates cooking, eating and dining in all its guises.
Main title:
An alphabet for gourmets / M.F.K. Fisher.
London : Daunt Books, 2022.
244 pages ; 20 cm
9781914198410 (pbk)
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