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Thumbnail for French--General Knowledge Workout #1 [electronic resource] : A new way to learn French: FRENCH--GENERAL KNOWLEDGE WORKOUT, #1

French--General Knowledge Workout #1 [electronic resource] : A new way to learn French: FRENCH--GENERAL KNOWLEDGE WORKOUT, #1

FRENCH: GENERAL KNOWLEDGE WORKOUT. A new way to learn French. What? This ebook is 100% bilingual. It is in the form of a series of general knowledge quizzes, with each question in French then in English (plus the answers!). If you are learning French, it’s an entertaining way to practice your language skills. Simply ‘click’ through each question at your own pace, trying to understand as much as you can. Because the text is fully bilingual (French-English), you will always have the help you need to improve and consolidate your knowledge of French grammar and vocabulary. It’s like having a personal French tutor at your side as you read! Why? Because people have busy lives, and developing your reading skills in a second language is difficult and time-consuming. Clic-books are about little and often. Whenever you have a few minutes free, practice your French in a relaxed and convenient way, building your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary quickly and effectively using fully bilingual texts. How? Clic-books present you with very short examples of French language, normally one or two sentences at a time. By clicking to the next page you see the same text, in English. As you work through the questions watch how quickly your French reading skills improve! Read more about Clicbooks at: or join our mailing list.  *** FAQs about Clic-books  Are clic-books a language-learning methodology? No. Clic-books are not a ‘miracle method’ or even a ‘method’. They’re a just an entertaining way to spend a little spare time reinforcing and adding to your understanding of the language. At what speed should I work through the texts? At whatever speed suits you. Reading slowly and carefully will allow you to try and understand every word and construction; moving faster will help you to read fluently for meaning, even when certain words or constructions are not understood entirely. But I don’t understand all the language in the examples. When you read a newspaper or magazine in English you probably don’t understand everything either. Part of the skill of understanding a foreign language is the ability to extract meaning even when your comprehension is not 100%. Are the translations here completely literal? They are as close as we could get while keeping to normal, standard language. So use the translations into Spanish as a guide for comprehension, not as an explanation of grammatical structures. I sometimes find myself focussing on the general knowledge questions, and not paying attention to the language used. Good! A language is a means to communication, so if you can work through these examples of English and forget that they are a way of practicing your English, that’s great. Does this series use the same questions as the other language-learning series by Clic-books? Yes, SABER Y APRENDER (the series for Spanish speakers learning English) and GENERAL KNOWLEDGE WORKOUT (the series for English speakers learning Spanish) contain the same questions. Hence, don’t buy books from more than one series.
[Place of publication not identified] : Clic-books Digital Media, 2015
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