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The maid's disgrace

Hornby, Emma, 1983-2021
When her beloved mistress dies, lady's maid Phoebe Parsons is forced onto the poverty-ridden streets of Manchester by her unforgiving new master. Desperately searching for a new position, Phoebe discovers her reputation is in ruins. Now she is destitute, disgraced and alone. Fearing for her future and haunted by her abandonment, Phoebe finds herself living with thieves and drunks in the smog and squalor of the city - until she meets Victor Hayes. A police officer removed from duty and shamed by a cruel lie, Victor is a kind face among the uncertain threats of living in the slums. But Phoebe soon realises the sacrifices she must make to rebuild her life from the ground up. As their worlds collide, can they make a new life from the wreckage? Or will the judgement of their peers make a pauper of Phoebe?
Main title:
The maid's disgrace / Emma Hornby.
London : Corgi Books, 2021.
384 pages ; 20 cm
9780552175777 (pbk)
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